The GeoSeer API

Integrate Search into your Applications / WebGIS
The GeoSeer API allows you to easily integrate geospatial web service and dataset searching into applications and/or WebGIS'. With it, your users can readily search the huge number of Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) services and datasets that GeoSeer has indexed, adding them to their maps/views, and realising the many benefits of Open Data.

Gain Value, Realise the Benefits of Open Data
The European Commission (EC) forecasts that Open Data will provide over €75 billion in economic benefits across the EU in 2020 alone, along with many other benefits.

From hydrology to geology, demographics to politics, GeoSeer's API provides easy access to official, authoritative, and definitive data on any number of subjects allowing you to increase the value you offer your users.

Expose your Users to the World's Data
GeoSeer's world class index has services hosted by 103 countries, covering small villages in Africa up to full, globe-spanning affairs and everything in between. With the GeoSeer API you can enable your users to easily find those datasets with a powerful, yet simple-to-use search.

Spatial and Service Filtering
Use bounding box filters to only find datasets that intersect with the user's current window. Service filters allow you to only search for the types of service your application supports. Or use the Lat/Lon from a pin to filter down the results to only datasets that intersect that point.

Find Services, not just Datasets
Whether they're hosted by a branch of the United Nations, NASA, or your local council, quickly and easily find services that host the sorts of data your organisation and users need.

Easy Access to Complex Data
There's no need to parse convoluted - often inconsistent - XML GetCapabilities documents, or have a comprehensive understand of the OGC Specifications: we've done all that for you. The GeoSeer API exposes almost all of the data from a service and its datasets, cleaned-up, with a single, consistent, well-documented, and easy-to-use API.


We have a range of plans available to cover different needs, or let us customise a solution with the Enterprise option.


Perfect for low-use applications and startups

3,000 API Calls / Month

Includes these features:
  • Search 3,542,421 Datasets
  • Dataset Information
  • Service Information
  • Endpoint Information
  • Email Support

£65/ mo*


Ideal for a growing WebGIS

10,000 API Calls / Month

Includes everything in Startup, plus:
  • Service Search
  • List all Service's Datasets
  • Filter with Lat/Lon points
  • Bounding Box Filters
  • Service Type Filters
  • Priority Email Support
  • Multiple API Keys
  • 99.9% SLA

£195/ mo*


Need more? We'll customise a plan for your business's unique needs

Includes everything in Professional, plus any/all of these options:
  • Flexible API Calls / Minute
  • Flexible API Calls / Month
  • Dedicated Instance
  • Specific Geographical Region
  • Even more API Keys
  • 99.99% SLA

Enquire for pricing

Feature Comparison

Number of API Keys 14Flexible
Requests / Minute 45150Flexible
Requests / Month 3,00010,000Flexible
Dataset Search
Dataset Information
Service Information
Endpoint Information
Service Search
List all of a Service's Datasets
Filter via Lat/Lon Point
Bounding Box Filters
Service Type Filters
Support Type StandardPriorityPremium
SLA 99.9%99.99%
Dedicated Instance
Specific Geographical Region
Pricing* £65/mo£195/moEnquire

* Pricing assumes annual billing; for the monthly billing price, add 15%
* All prices are in GBP (British Pounds - £) and are exclusive of taxes


Do you offer a trial?
Sure, a 14 day free trial is available, just signup below. And of course, you can easily get a flavour of the search results via the free web-search. Lets not forget the API Demo as well which will give you a feel for what you can do with it.

Are there custom plans available?
Definitely. The Enterprise offering is very flexible, just like you'd expect it to be. Please contact us to discuss your needs and see what we can do for you.

Do you offer discounts for charities/education etc?
Yes! We know charities/not-for-profits/etc need to be spending their money on their core objective which is usually some form of making-the-world-a-better-place. So we try and do our bit by offering discounts to help you focus your funds where you need them.

Why isn't this free like the web-search?
Unfortunately we have costs to cover; "rent doesn't pay itself" as they say. Creating and hosting GeoSeer costs money and while we make the web-search free because we want to make this service available to everybody, it's not sustainable without income to cover those costs. We have moral issues with web advertising so we don't have any of that, and we don't believe in selling user data either.

It's cool, but I want to do stuff locally with your data...
Not a problem. Take a look at the GeoSeer Licensed Products instead.

API Documentation

The GeoSeer API is thoroughly documented using the OpenAPI 3 standard allowing developers easy access to the API via standardised tooling, including automated SDK generation.

You can find the GeoSeer API docs here:

If you want to use your own tooling for viewing the docs, then you simply need to point them at either or

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