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A World Class Index of GeoSpatial Web Services and their Datasets
The largest index of its type that we know of [and we've looked], GeoSeer Services and GeoSeer Datasets are global databases of current geospatial web services. Use the pre-crawled, pre-cleaned, and conveniently packaged information within your own products, services, and research projects to solve real-world problems.

Gain Value; Realise the Benefits of Open Data
The European Commission (EC) forecasts that Open Data will provide over €75 billion in economic benefits across the EU in 2020 alone, along with many other benefits. GeoSeer's index provides an unparalleled database of GeoSpatial Open Data services, including a vast number of EU INSPIRE providers.

XML Free and Pre-cleaned
We've found 213,110 services and extracted the information from them to create GeoSeer Services and GeoSeer Datasets. We pre-clean the data, to make it consistent which means you don't need to. So you get a nice, documented, organised database that's ready to query without needing to crawl millions of pages.

Global and Current
Including services hosted by 92 countries and with global coverage, we've got every corner of the world covered.
But services and datasets are in a constant state of flux, with datasets having particularly short half-lives. So we provide monthly updates to ensure you've always got the latest set of services and their respective datasets; you don't have to worry about linkrot, our data is always fresh and current.

GeoSeer Datasets - Location Extraction
GeoSeer Datasets includes 1,975,933 datasets, many of which declare bounding boxes. As well as cleaning, validating, and reprojecting these extents to WGS84 to make life easier for you, we've used them to determine where the dataset represents, down to the county level if appropriate.


You can choose whether you want just the service information (GeoSeer Services), or everything, with both Dataset and Service information (GeoSeer Datasets).
Subsets are available.

GeoSeer Services

Service level information

Includes these features:
  • 213,110 Current Live Services
  • 160,558 Endpoints
  • 4,673 Hosts
  • Extracted & Cleaned Information
  • Number of Datasets per Service
  • Relationships between Services via Endpoints, and Hosts
  • Monthly Updates
GeoSeer Datasets

The complete package; both service and dataset information

Includes everything in Services, plus:
  • 1,975,933 Current Live Datasets
  • Extracted & Cleaned Dataset Information
  • Dataset relationships with Services
  • Bounding Box extents in WGS84
  • Spatial locations in words (potentially down to county level)

Need something else? We can create bespoke datasets based on your needs

Potentially includes:
  • Historical Datasets/Services
  • Lookup history
  • Raw XML GetCapabilities documents
  • Or something else? Just ask.


Do you have sample data?
Of course! Contact us below and we'll send you a link.

What if I want something specific?
If you can't get what you need from either the GeoSeer Services or GeoSeer Datasets products then we can try and create something Bespoke. Please contact us to discuss your needs and see what we can do for you.

What format is it supplied in?
A single, fully relational SQLite database. This allows you to quickly get started using any of the many programming languages or innumerable database browsers that support it. No complicated post-processing required, you can immediately start querying it with SQL.

I don't need all of it, can I get a subset?
Definitely. You can subset by any combination of: Keywords, Host Country (that's the last part of the domain: .pl, .in, .com, etc.), Service Type, or for GeoSeer Datasets only, Spatial Extent.

Do you offer discounts for charities/education etc?
Yes! Just like with the API, we know charities/not-for-profits/etc need to be spending their money on their core objective which is usually some form of making-the-world-a-better-place. So we try and do our bit by offering discounts to help you focus your funds where you need them.

What data is included?
All of it. Well, almost. There are some things we exclude and these are documented. But it does include services and datasets that are excluded from the GeoSeer Search and GeoSeer API for being 'meaningless'. This is why the stats for the Licensed products are higher than for the Search/API.

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