GeoSeer WebGIS - API Demo

Works best in Landscape.
This is a demo webGIS showing what you can do with the GeoSeer API. This webGIS provides a much more intuitive and powerful interface to the GeoSeer database.

  • Search for any WMS
  • Search spatially (excludes layers that don't declare an extent)
  • Visualise layer extents
  • Easily see the metadata for the layer

The GeoSeer API page covers the full set of features.

Restrictions (in this webGIS, but not the GeoSeer API):
  • This webGIS limits searches per session
  • This webGIS doesn't support WFS, WMTS, or WCS (yet)
  • It's not possible to interrogate the data in this webGIS
  • No service searching in this webGIS

Note: This api-demo is shared among many users and does use the GeoSeer API rate limiters to stop abuse.

Find out more about the GeoSeer API here.

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